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VeloFest Partnership Brings Bikes to Foster Kids

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Aging out of the Foster Care System. In many states the transition from foster care to the “real world” can be abrupt and traumatic: when a young adult turns 18,…

Get Pumped Up for Summer Riding! Literally…

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It takes a village! Usually a very connected one at that. When VeloFest received the call about a potential project in november, we were unaware of the great impact it…

Of Life and Death: VeloFest mourns a young life lost. Info for the Memorial of Ja Williams-Hooker

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  “Life is precious….”  We hear it all the time, and it is true, life is indeed precious.  We have all heard this simple idea, most particularly when there has been…


It may be April Fools Day but we aren’t joking! River to Sea Loop FUNDED!!

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Before we get into the most recent win for bikes and road safety, we ask everyone to take a moment of silence for Ja Williams who was killed while crossing…