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The “Right and Left” Thing To Do Now For Bike Month

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Launched originally summer of 2017, “It’s the Right and Left Thing to Do” Safety Campaign has been well received! From community events to cycling tours, the signage and saying has…

Palatka to St. Augustine Trail/River to Sea Loop is on the MOVE!

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Some days at work are more exciting than others. When work and VeloFest collide, the days are rewarding and this week we got to stand in front of our collective…

Celebrate Bike Month

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It’s been a while, time to get together!   Let’s celebrate Bike Month, enjoy amazing local beer by Old Coast Ales, share stories about our cycling adventures and get an…

Go With the Flow, Don’t Be a Salmon A Safety Message

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Salmon, noun, delicious fish that according to hashtag trends is a health food that combats wrinkles. Salmoning, verb, “walking or cycling against a lot of people heading in the opposite…