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In January of 2014 we posted about the City of St. Augustine being activated, (click for post). You could say they don’t call it the oldest city for nothing! It took three years for our city to finally put someone to task who was up to the challenge, Reuben Franklin, P.E. as the Mobility Coordinator. While it may have taken nearly 4 years and a lot of donated time, the Bike Share RFP hit the street officially yesterday, February 5, 2018!

“How?” you wonder did we keep pressing on for over four years? Because it’s the right thing to do. Because we hear you VeloFest! Because we read all the city/county surveys and our community wants it at an overwhelming 85% plus approval rating. Because it is successful in cities and towns nationwide and right here in the Sunshine State. Because more people on bikes means more people living and loving our community. Because Reuben reminds us of successful staff in other districts we work and meet with regularly. Because we have HOPE! #RebelionsAreBuiltOnHope

What will the share look like? Who knows! There are so many options from docks to dockless, lease to purchase, solar powered to electric required. Colors, names and so much more. It really is so exciting!

As with most government decisions a committee will be called. We want you to jump on and enter your name. Whether you want share, love share, have no experience with share, get involved. Email [email protected] and let him know!

Many components presented to our city and county commissions during the Sec. Fox Challenge needing updating still remain. These include addressing our ancient, outdated, inconsistent and virtually not enforceable bicycle ordinance. An alternate route signing installation. And for the ultimate experience, a safe connected network within the right of way routes including connection to the River to Sea Loop!

In the meantime, check out the 25 Best Bike Shares in the world. Argentina has one that is FREE!

Hang in there VeloFest followers, this is just the beginning. Welcome along for the ride.

See you on the road,


P.S. VeloFest is seeking out two “Directors.” Of course these are #veloteer opportunities! So no pay but many rewards. We need someone who likes small events to help out! Many requests to assist in River to Sea Loop, Cycling Expos and other small cycling events are popping up. Maybe 3-5 a year!

Second is to help with building our social media content, especially our blog writing. WE have an extensive list of subjects and bullet points, so if you like to write, come on over.

Lastly, we are seeking out a contracted bike mechanic for the Box to Bike Program. This is a paid position. Please email [email protected] if you are interested.

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