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Get Pumped Up for Summer Riding! Literally…

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It takes a village! Usually a very connected one at that. When VeloFest received the call about a potential project in november, we were unaware of the great impact it would have in the community. Berney Copeland left a fund in honor of his love of cycling and the joy it brings to riders of all ages . This fund was entrusted to his fellow riders in hopes they would find projects that allowed people of all ages the ability to enjoy the open road through self powered pedaling.

You may have seen the many bike pump stations that have popped up in Flagler  County areas. Lucky for us all, Berney and his fellow cyclists in the PC Cycling Group also believe in continuum community engagement. VeloFest graciously accepted 2 pump stations for our stretch of the Florida Byway. We lucky to have great community partners like the St. Augustine Amphitheatre who believe in the real and lasting change that results from creating an active community. In addition to bicycle pumps we were also given the opportunity of funding 100 bicycle helmets which will be used at the upcoming bicycle rodeos May 15 and September 24.981203_10154257478991996_3572877243490540309_o

More info about the St. Augustine Amphitheatre location below. The second pump is still working on its new home in St. Augustine and will be up and running soon! These pumps will be highlighted on the St. Johns County Bike Map scheduled for June 2016. If you are interested in supporting projects like these please let us know. Bike map deadline is April 30.


Check out the St. Augustine Amphitheater Facebook post about being a community partner with Velofest! Photo Credits Kameron Brown

“Save a Horse, Ride a Bicycle!

The St. Augustine Amphitheatre is proud to be the home of a new bike pump and repair station. The station was made possible by avid cyclist, Bernie Copeland, who left a trust to 12983239_10154257478441996_5703975060156941617_obe used toward advocating increased bike usage in St. Augustine. Thanks to VeloFest, the bike station found its place at the front entrance of the Amphitheatre where it will be regularly serviced and maintained by the good people at PC Cycling. Having this station and bike racks helps further our Greenhands initiative!! We encourage all of our patrons to avoid the parking crowds at concerts and save some fossil fuels by putting these bike racks to use!

Don’t miss out on VeloFest’s helmet fitting as a part of their Bike Rodeo at the Soloman Calhoun Center on Sunday, May 15th!