City Of St. Augustine, one word, ACTIVATED

City Of St. Augustine, one word, ACTIVATED

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New permanent rack, Cuna Parking Lot

New permanent rack, Cuna Parking Lot

Well, sort of.

With the  coming and going of Mumford & Sons, and the Gentlemen of the Road tour with nearly 7000 bicycle riders, showed everyone, including local cyclists, business owners, and even a couple politicians, that it is the way to roll to major downtown events,  But something funny happened. It has also become the way to roll to minor events too, even if that is your daily Hot Aussie at The Kookaburra. From local business, to city hall, things are most certainly changing.


Roll up to DOS Coffee+Wine and get a discount if on 2 wheels. Feel like riding over to Hypolita for some sugar and spice at The Spice & Tea Exchange? Rack up right there on Cordova at one of 5 new locations with permanent bike parking, paidand installed by the City of St. Augustine.


Curious about what’s  coming soon? Velo Fest approached the City Commission, and with Vice Mayor Nancy Sikes-Kline on board, were able to get a unanimous vote for a shared lane marking (sharrow) addition resolution to some of our heaviest traveled areas of the historic district as per the 2012 Mobility Study Findings, not to mention a  new large NFTPO study on West King Street that will wrap this spring with new educational materials by summer.

There are now 2 bike rental location in the city (St. Augustine Bike Rental & Island Life Bicycle) to go along with the free maps we produced last year, which have all been distributed and we are working on 2014/2015 now.

Its a great time to get involved as the future of transportation is being written right now. Be sure to Join the Movement and keep up to date.

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