“Don’t Be A Salmon” Kicks off Summer Education Campaigns

"Don't Be A Salmon" Kicks off Summer Education Campaigns

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With the summer season upon us, and 4th of July already closing in, it’s time for our summer education projects. This year, we kick of with a quirky campaign targeted at all cyclists who think riding against the flow of traffic is the way to go! And we are saying NO!!! Go with the flow, DON’T BE A SALMON!


In a three step approach consisting of stickers, coffee sleeves, and post cards, we will be mobilizing our #veloteer community to do outreach over the coming weeks and months. This campaign, “Don’t be a Salmon,” the first of three, is designed with all road users in mind, but specific issues which we receive the most complaints and comments about via email, social media, and direct complaints. We have designed each message to be clear, direct, but fun and easy to understand by all users, even if it makes you think a bit.

So get out there, enjoy the road, “Don’t be a Salmon,” “Give em a brake,”  and “It’s the Right, and Left, thing to do.”

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