Light Up the Bikes Year 3!

Light Up the Bikes Year 3!

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“Light Up The Bikes Enters Year 3 Celebrating 3000 Lights”


VeloFest continues to “Light Up the Bikes” again in 2017-2018! Thanks to a successful fundraising campaign and event, Jail Break 5k, VeloFest is providing bicycle lights and education materials to St. Augustine and it’s residents. This year will total 3000 sets of lights given out for free to the area.

In addition to the install on November 19 at St. Francis House, veloteers packaged light kits for the City of St. Augustine Police Department. “We have had unique opportunities to install lights bringing cyclists immediately into compliance with the law.” says Heather Neville, President of VeloFest. The organization has taken the opportunity to provide lights to road users while driving around in the evening hours and at local events such as concerts. “It also provides a few moments to impart some rules and laws to keep people safe. We are hoping our local law enforcement will have similar success.”

VeloFest would like to invite the entire community to St. Francis House this Sunday to take advantage of the program, 10:30AM-12:30 AM Sunday November 19.

VeloFest Community Initiative is a 501c3 founded in St. Augustine Florida with the mission of safer roads for cyclists and non-cyclists. You can learn more at This program is funded by VeloFest and the many community partners.

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