The Rumble that United Cyclists, The Answer We All Wanted

The Rumble that United Cyclists, The Answer We All Wanted

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Last week we learned that FDOT is removing the rumbles!!! We are very excited to learn and share that FDOT District 2 has been an amazing community partner and listened to our collective voice. The FDOT is actively working on an engineering plan to remove the rumble stripes. Further there has been much discussion in changing the lane configuration which would allow for a 5 foot bicycle lane!!!!!

Since the day VeloFest received  news of the new safety application between Ponte Vedra and Vilano we knew an opportunity would come to bring attention to this stretch of road we all love to take. While the rumble stripes are not fun to traverse on wheel or foot, we know the road to a better community is long and continued to work towards safer streets for all.

For nearly a decade VeloFest has worked with various groups surrounding the byway. Whether A1A Scenic and Historic Byway or East Coast Greenway as well as St. John’s County Road & Bridge and St. John’s County Sheriff office over the years!!

Today also marks day one of a safety education partnership with the St. John’s County Sheriff Department and VeloFest to aide in creating a great place to walk, ride and love living on this particular stretch of A1A from Ponte Vedra to Vilano rolling out by November.

Today is a great day for our community. Much thanks to the many who have worked tirelessly from many angles of the plan to address this project. A huge thank you to Deb Testa who organized and lead the plan regarding cyclists and the rumbles along with coordinating communication along the byway. A special thank you to Rep. Cyndi Stevenson for her careful consideration of this project.

If you need more information please email or As we learn more about an community meetings, design and time lines we will certainly keep everyone updated.

See you on the road.


  • Brian Buettell says:

    Thank you to all who have work so hard to fix this situation. We appreciate the fact that the Department of Motor Vehicles is attempting to make things safer for cyclists.

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