Not the post I was expecting for today…….

Not the post I was expecting for today.......

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Yet another tragedy has happened, and this time not on a back road or a desolate parkway. Not some “guy in tights trying to be in the Tour de France.” Not a vagrant or homeless person. This time it’s front and center, a bike commuter, someone coming home from work, and, has forever changed our town and solidified why Velo Fest Community Initiative was started.

My plan was to talk about our huge success over the past 3 days signing up cyclists for our event next year. Which was a huge success, but that discussion will have to wait.

For now here is the plan:

First, the Letter to the Editor(see below, this ran yesterday on Historic City News and today in the St. Augustine Record.)

Second, Ghost Bike erected this week (most likely Saturday.)

Third, have a huge turn out for the Christmas Parade on December 1st.

Fourth, a stand in at the next City of St. Augustine City Commission Meeting December 3,2012.

Fifth, Velo Fest Get Together, after the meeting on December 3, to plan how we will move forward with the city, its police and it’s residence to really change things, and discuss the festival and its enhancements.

Finally, present the plan to the City of St. Augustine in January.

Events will be created on Facebook so please visit our group and join for dates and information. You can find our group here.  It will also be posted here on our site.

Letter to Editor in The St. Augustine Record

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