Petition “Remove Rumble Stripes on Scenic A1A Byway”

Petition "Remove Rumble Stripes on Scenic A1A Byway"

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Link: “Remove Rumble Stripes from Scenic A1A”

This petition and hyper focus for months now is thanks to VeloFest member Deb Testa. She has been willing to step out of the comfort of the saddle and help get our roads safer not only for cyclists but all road users. Her attention to this new road issue lead her to VeloFest and she wrapped some bar tape around it and got to working! Check out this great video she put together for FDOT, FBA and others and a presentation she put together, click here that was presented to Ponte Vedra Master Neighborhood Association.

We are always incredibly thankful to our FDOT partners in Tallahassee, at District 2 office in Lake City as well as the local safety and project managers. VeloFest is thrilled to be working with the various staff of the FDOT on major road projects coming to our area and region and our hope is to provide them with enough reasons to reconsider our roads which have changed so much in the recent decades with our growth. VeloFest found open doors at all levels and are glad to hear that rumble stripes are getting a review but also that the St. Johns County road network, urbanized only a few years ago, is getting a closer look.

Everyone loves St. Johns County and St. Augustine. We know we love cycling and want to share that with friends and family. We can do that together.

Thanks again Deb. Check out her handy work and sign NOW!!!

“SIGN PETITION: Referendum to Remove Ridiculous Rumbles

Please click on the link below and sign our petition to Remove the A1A Rumble Stripes on A1A between Ponte Vedra and Vilano. We need your help to keep ALL Cyclists safe. The Rumble Stripes etched into the Scenic A1A Byway are not only noisy and scary for cyclists, they are extremely dangerous. They are cut too deep, are crash hazards, and the center line rumble stripes cause motorists to “squeeze” cyclists without allowing ample room.

Link: “Remove Rumble Stripes from Scenic A1A”

About Deb:

13403876_10157048497325224_5486153392309614858_o Deborah Testa was born in New York on Long Island, worked in New York City and got fed up with city living. When she was 21, she and her husband decided they wanted to live in the country and they packed up and moved to New Hampshire for 24 years. A business opportunity brought them to Florida and they have been Florida residents for 14 years. If you think you are seeing double when you see her, you are as she’s often seen on both a road as well as an off-road tandem with her husband, Gary riding 4000 miles yearly on the Scenic By-Way on A1A, in Tuscany Italy, in Mallorca Spain, and at the Guana Tolomato Preserve. They both got involved with cycling in their late 30’s, when they lived in New Hampshire. For her 40th, birthday, Gary bought Deb a tandem. They’ve been coordinating pedal strokes ever since. Some people tell us that they’ve heard that our tandems are divorce machines. What we have found true, after 20 years of tandem riding, and 40 years of marriage is the adage that Tandems aren’t divorce machines, but wherever your relationship is going, it will get you there sooner!


  • Marilyn Compton says:

    Thank you very much for starting this initiative. I drive A1A 5 days/week from St. Augustine to PV on my commute . I also belong to a group that rides south from PV south to the Exxon station and back one evening per week (when daylight allows). The rumble strips are a dangerous addition to the road and I do not know what problem they were trying to solve. It is now harder to avoid cyclists or any other thing along the shoulder/bike lane with the middle rumble stripe and as a cyclist , they are nightmares.

    I can’t support the request for a 45 mph speed limit, however. That piece of road is the only north/south corridor linking St. Augustine proper to Ponte Vedra.

    Good luck.

  • Jonathan Tomassetti says:

    Many new cars come equipped with virtual rumble strips. This means there is less need for real rumble strips. I frequently travel on A1A via bicycle. The real rumble strips are very disruptive to cyclists.

  • Jake Scully says:

    I have encountered these in Western States and they are at best treacherous .

    Please get rid of them

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