“It’s the Right, and Left, Thing To Do” Campaign Seeks to Bring Safety This Summer

"It's the Right, and Left, Thing To Do" Campaign Seeks to Bring Safety This Summer

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It’s the Right and Left Thing to Do…..

A new local eduction project aims to keep our community safe this summer. Kids are out of school and visitors and locals are taking to the beach on foot and by bicycle. With that in mind VeloFest Community Initiative has teamed up with the City of St. Augustine Beach and City of St. Augustine Beach Police Department for this summer education program. Hoping to capture the attention of motorists an pedestrians, this program focuses on the simple an effective message of looking all ways before crossing the street.

Utilizing fun road signs, a social media campaign and some clever postcards, VeloFest, the city and the police department will focus on 15 streets at a time over one week periods between Pope Road and F Street between A1A Beach and A1A. If you, your business or club would like materials or to get involved either as veloteers or sponsors, we encourage you to do so! Please email director@velofest.org for more information on this fun summer project.


Mission \\ Program Outline \\ Origin \\ Partners
Create safer experience for motorists and vulnerable road users at intersections

Program Outline

“It’s the Right and Left Thing to Do” aims to highlight the potentially unsafe interaction between road users at intersections. With a focus on motorists and vulnerable road user movements at crosswalks and perceived pedestrian traffic crossings, this program attempts to emphasize the technical basics of looking all ways when traveling. This program designed by VRUM Planning for VeloFest Community Initiative is simple and utilizes imagery versus narrative to illicit a connection to achieve a behavior shift and seeks out like minded community partners to increase the reach of the campaign.


After an increase in right hook collisions between motorists and pedestrians increased in St. Johns County, meetings with St. Johns County Sheriff Office to discuss the issue took place in 2014. Discussions surrounding laws, infrastructure and emergencies lead the initial conversation. The development of this awareness campaign with seemingly low cost, maximizing existing events and known user destinations, and zeroing in on a very basic road user skill, aims to increase awareness and achieve lower collisions.

About VRUM Planning, LLC
Our vision is to effectively plan reasonable safe interconnectivity for non motorized movement in St. Johns County and through the continuum of Florida. To accomplish this we focus on planning and programming various projects including multi use trial,cycle track, bridge and highway along with future multi use trail accommodations. We then take that critical next step identifying partners to ensure the success that include community outreach, message development, and event design.

Press Release
Contact: Heather Neville
C: (904) 509 6895. E: director@velofest.org


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