St. Augustine Mobility Surveys: Take them, it counts!

St. Augustine Mobility Surveys: Take them, it counts!

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The city is deep into the St. Augustine Mobility Plan. Please take time to complete each survey for the cities hired consultant, Little John. Results from survey 1 were exactly what we at VeloFest assumed they would be! Its about bicycles and pedestrians. It’s about mobility and not about cars ability. Stay informed and keep providing input!


From the city website:

Mobility initiative seeks public input via a second survey

Last day to participate is Wednesday, July 13.

There were more than 1,200 responses within the week prior to the three day kick-off of the city’s mobility initiative. Now, the community has the opportunity to continue providing input on this important issue by completing the second survey.

Containing just 16 questions, the survey seeks information on the city’s street network, streetscapes, land use and urban design, preferred routes taken by residents and business operators each day, input on how pedestrians and bicycles may be incorporated into the city’s traffic lanes, and if there is support for perimeter parking sites with transportation to the downtown.

Last day to take the survey is Wednesday, July 13. Click here.


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