St. Johns Velo, let’s go ride toghether

St. Johns Velo, let's go ride toghether

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ALL RIDES LEAVE AT 8AM to BEAT THE HEAT!! CHECK St. Johns Velo Facebook Page for more!

St. Johns Velo is looking for riders and ride leaders! A good turn out for the monthly ride leads us to believe we can be doing more. Also mark you calendar for December 7-8 for the Armstrong Rails to Trails event. We will be supporting/attending as it fits perfectly with our First Saturday Ride!


Original post February 26

You may recall a post several months ago about Velo Fest Community Initiative and St. Johns River Riders joining together for our common cause. Since that time, a wonderful group of dedicated #veloteers has organized what is now, St. Johns Velo! This is a registered USA Cycling Club so we are hoping to help not just our area come together, but expose the great cycling community to the country.

For a long time a cycling club for all different types of riders has been needed to bring our community together and now, we have it! From the Visitor Information Center, local bed & breakfasts, to the general community and of course our own membership, we are excited to watch this grow!

So what will we offer our members? First we are establishing a monthly ride, first Saturday, that will start at Armstrong Park. We are kicking this off March 7, 2015. This is a great place with parking, and is adjacent to the beautiful rail trail. We will have 2 ride starts. Second, we will have a monthly ride that is someone else’s event, to bring the group to. We also have a jersey available by Primal Wear for only $35 if you are a member! We want you to sport your jersey and expect some amenities at the events.  Our first 2 events will be Up with Downs, March 21, 2015 then the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure Ride May 16, 2015.  We even had Hal Wilkening step up to be ride captain for Tour de Cure in addition to being our first rider signed up!! Thanks Hal.

Monthly Ride


Riders on the trail

8:30 AM  First up,  for all you “weekend warriors,” “MAMILS”(Middle Aged Men In Lycra) and those who are wanting to build up some mileage. We have several routes mapped out, and at the beginning of the ride, we will huddle up, introduce yourself, and what route you are doing. Ride leaders are being established and will be posted to our Facebook Page for St. Johns Velo and of course, Velo Fest Community Initiative, and St. Augustine Cycling. The idea is to have many different levels of riders, riding in the same area, and starting/finishing at the same place. The ride leader is there to ensure no one is riding alone, but we want you to explore your own capabilities and improve your cycling skills and stamina.

8:30 AM The Slow Roll. Designed for families, retirees, trikes, bird watchers, runners, and walkers. Our goal here is to offer a time when other slower riders can get out and feel safe knowing you aren’t alone. Distance is as short as you need, all on separated trail. Tow behinds, glide bikes, and picnic baskets welcomed!

Our plan is to have some type of coffee/snacks at the beginning, other than that you are on your own, unless of course we see what we hope for, which is a monthly large ride. There is ample parking, a pavilion, and porto potties until the trail head is built in the next 12 months.


So Join the Movement, or  join the ride, or both! If you are interested in being a ride leader, please email [email protected] It is currently under construction but will have a calendar, rider info, where to purchase jersey, and how to communicate with other riders. Until then, Like the St. Johns Velo Page and click here to purchase a membership and email [email protected] for  jersey.

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