The Gift of Movement on a Day of Respite

The Gift of Movement on a Day of Respite

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For the second year our partners at Compassion St. Augustine called on us for their March 19th “Day of Respite.” A day where dozens of St. Johns County sheltered and unsheltered women can focus on their well being. A day of relief with hair cuts, massages, live entertainment and screenings/exams. Our small part in their big day was the donation of bicycles. These women, “some of our most vulnerable neighbors”, have benefited greatly from our past bicycle donations. This year with the launch of our project “Box to Bike” we were hoping to have enough to provide. Thankfully, one of our longest and original sponsors Road Bike Outlet came in with a wonderful donation last minute to save the day and help fulfill the total request! The gift of freedom, independence and health has no greater reward. So THANK YOU to Compassion St. Augustine and Road Bike Outlet for being such good stewards of our community. 

For most who read this site, who join the movement or veloteer, our lives are lovely and fortunate. Filled with pleasantries, afternoon rides or morning espresso. It can not be expressed enough the community that has built VeloFest to achieve great things for cyclists big a small is a caring one. Donations are abound, funding readily available (or at least when we ask) and willing participants to promote the mission. But the real success is in the projects. Fitting helmets on children, a friendly handshake with a homeless person as you install bicycle lights or the sound  of construction equipment paving the way for new trails to be ridden. From time to time we are called on to do more and we hope you will join the movement.

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