Letter from the organizers

Dear Fellow Florida Road Lover

WOW, what a year!!! Hopefully you were able to participate in Velo Fest 2012 and witness what we feel is “real and permanent change” for St. Johns County. Velo Fest showcased the projects and drove momentum for our number one mission, increasing cycling awareness.

The Objectives page provides the data of what we accomplished in our first year. Without the overwhelming generosity of the community and businesses, there is no way this would have become reality. From August 2011 to March 2012, we raised $25,000 in sponsorships and an additional $10,000 in in-kind donations, with nearly 100% of our vendors from the local economy.

We wanted Velo Fest Community Initiative to thrive for years to come, so much consideration was given to building a strong business foundation and plan. Notable accomplishments to meet this goal included incorporating Velo Fest Community Initiative as a non-profit as well as building our logo, website, flyers, posters and marketing plan, and offering a scholarship to our intern from Flagler College.  This formal structure gave us the foundation to be seen as not only an advocate group, but also a legitimate business invited to participate in round tables along side the likes of FDOT and BPAC of Duval County to assist in the Sharrow education project and city council meetings.   Also working with City Commissioner Nancy Sikes-Kline, we were able to help bridge the gap between city and county and move towards major road projects including the NFTPO road improvements and bike rack installation.  In addition, we proposed the first bike route map for St. John’s County in nearly 10 years, and will be printing 5,000 copies for January 2013 to give to locals and tourists.

We are happy to say that next year is lining up to be just a successful. We have been working with the NFTPO, the City of St Augustine, and the FDOT to pursue the improvements outlined in the study completed at the end of 2010. Additionally, by partnering with Friends of A1A, we were awarded a Visit Florida grant to pursue an aggressive Public Service Announcement campaign for early spring 2013. We are already in the planning stages for Velo Fest 2013, and based on the feedback we have received, we expect it to be at least double in size. Additionally we have received city approval for the dates of April 12th and 13th, 2013. Our goal is to reproduce the same quality weekend and build a wonderful annual event for the city to enjoy.




Heather Neville

Executive Director



Our Mission

The mission of Velo Fest “Movement of the People” is to educate the cycling community and community at large about the historical significance of cycling, as well as build a mutually beneficial environment where cyclists and 4 plus wheels can co-exist to make a more peaceful commuting experience while decreasing carbon foot print, promoting healthy activity, and promoting the cultural importance of cycling.

Our Goal

The quantifiable goal of VELO Fest:  “Movement of the People” is to  raise $100,000 in the first year to be used towards cycling projects in St Augustine and St Johns County. In the first year, the primary project will be painting “Share the Road” in the downtown area. Additional  projects will be to start the cycling path project,  launch an educational series in the St. Augustine Record about cycling law, etiquette and education of history and culture and establish the Downtown Crit  as an annual event in downtown St. Augustine.


There are four primary objectives of “VELO Fest: Movement of the People.” First is to increase awareness and educate both cyclists and non cyclists alike about the laws of the road, what makes it a gentleman’s sport, and the carbon footprint and the social benefits of the cyclist. Second Velo Fest will raise funds for St. Augustine and St. Johns County area to improve the cyclists ability to navigate and share the road as well as have new places to ride. The third is to help young and old understand the health side affect of cycling and importance of cycling in a healthy way. Fourth and final objective to help our area embrace the long history of the bicycle, how it has changed our culture and how it can improve our community’s economic development through tourism and transportation for our visitors.

Board Members

Please welcome our Board! More profile info to come, but please look for them during the event!

Bill Hannon

Jim Hayes

Alicia Bockel

Steve Vighetti

Lauren Pfeiffer-Junior Board Member


Committee Heads

Jem Fromant-Day of Director Old City Crit

Jim Escobar- Race specialist and Volunteer Advisor

St. Augustine Amphitheatre- Wrigley Ride Celebration Coordinator

Projects in our Community

Community Driven Bike Study Project: Our great city has started a bicycle study to better understand where cyclists currently are and what types of items would enhance the experience in the historic and tourist areas.  More info can be found HERE

Shared-Lane Pavement Marking Project: The DOT has approved what is called a “sharrow” to be painted on the Bridge of Lions here in St .Augustine, Florida slated for March of 2012.  For more info, please see our blog post about the topic and download the poster!

St. John’s County Bike Route Map: Velo Fest Community Initiative has teamed up with The Visitor Center and Tourist Development Council of St. John’s County to bring you the St. John’s County Bike Route Map.  More info about this project can be found in this post. Is your business bike friendly?  If so, learn more & register to become a partner!