Velo Fest awarded $5000 grant by St. Johns County

Velo Fest awarded $5000 grant by St. Johns County

Posted by | February 08, 2013 | The News |


We are proud to be the newest recipients of a $5000 grant from the St. Johns County Parks and Recreation fund. These dollars will be used to help us attract more cyclists and spectators from outside our county and help our festival grow. Our plan is to use these dollars to visit more cycling events around the state as well as other festivals to spread the word. Additionally we are looking to buy add space in some of the cycling magazines such as Velo News.

We could not have qualified without the early on success of last years event thanks to everyone who pitched in. It’s going to continue to grown and we hope that you will continue to support Velo Fest Community Initiative.

Roll on,

Heather Neville

Executive Director